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Ever since I was a little girl visiting my grandparents in Denmark, I have loved flowers. The carts of flowers in the markets and on the streets, the beautiful gardens (that I was told I could not touch), the way the Danish florist around the corner from my grandparents just easily put a bouquet together for my grandmother, it all inspired me.

In 2010, I moved to Israel and began formal training in floral design. My training led me to Holland to study Dutch Floral Design at the Boerma Institute, and then back to Israel to work under some of the best designers in the country. In 2012, I moved back to Atlanta, Georgia where I started my business and began sharing the beautiful European style of floral design within the Southeast, United States. It’s a special style of design, one that holds true to who I am and what I believe is beautiful…natural, lush and refined.

Now, in 2020, amid a global pandemic—at a time when large events aren’t happening, and some couples are being forced to re-imagine their wedding plans—I have a strong desire still to help couples make their wedding dreams come true. I started this shop so that weddings and events of all sizes still can feel special and personalized.